Thursday, 31 December 2015



Hi Ferne here, Regina and i have finally moved into our own place.

we invited friends and family to come and see our quaint little cottage

As we had so many people come and visit us at the same

we decided to have a party.

not everybody got on

but we do think everybody enjoyed theirselves

I think mum is thinking about the next grandchild or adopting one.

it was nice when everyone left

and it was just the two of us.

But back to reality we had careers to focus on now and earning our own money.

one day we decided to change our hair

we managed to cut our hair at home

we have our original styles since our teens.

we both like our new look.

but it didn't stop us having a pillow fight

in our own home.

Regina brought a bubble blower not keen on me self

but her and i think Tyler Rippon had fun.

i was doing some research on something top secret.

Sometimes Regina can be such a goof

but such a romantic too. But we are off on a our holiday.

We went to Twiki Island and we stayed the Double Palm Resort

and it was right on the beach, Regina and i sunbathed

for most of the day

Regina went for a swim

while i watched from the shore

We also tried the local cuisine too, we didn't even leave the hotel once

and other good news Regina and i got married

on the beach, we have to get a proper licence we get home

but it was perfect for us.

It was sad to leave though

but we had something exciting coming today

We have adopted a baby

the social worker dropped the baby off

and handed the baby straight to Regina

Regina seemed to take it like duck to water

but i was a little bit unsure.

next College.

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