Saturday, 12 December 2015



Hi Alex here, just having some food, Brittany playing with Xander

i think Brittany also likes to play on the settee

but she does a good job off looking after Xander

i love giving Xander her bath,

Brittany and I do enjoy the evenings to ourselves too

and we like to stick to routine too.

but Xander has her own routine and doesn't really care what time she gets up

but she will entertain herself

As long as one of her parents are near by she is a happy child.

and we dont mind spending our evening


and a little fun on the couch never hurt anybody i don't think.

It won't be long now until Xander is a child

and we have to show her responsibility and not

play games all the time.

Brittany and i do work and sometimes we have to hire a nanny but she is very good.

Xander and Brittany look very thoughtful here

i think was taken the before 

she became a child.

we only had one guest

but i think she enjoyed it

and here is our lovely girl

we even did her room for her too

she loves it.

next household is Rippon 2

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