Sunday, 20 December 2015



Hi Chandler here, please do excuse us our own house

and we can naked on our own couch without anyone noticing us.

We spent most of the day just the two of us, Samia has invited some friends over, they will be here shortly.

i made our first proper breakfast for us

but we manage to eat our breakfast and talk about our accomplishments before the guests arrived.

Regina Love and Miss Graham i missed her first name

I spend some time on the phone to my friends, surrounded by ladies is lovely but do they gossip.

i was so pleased when they had gone.

we are both still looking for jobs at the moment i hope something comes up soon

as we think Samia is pregnant.

we went to the doctors and they confirmed and Samia has a nice rounded tum

i also give her lots of back massages too.

Samia wanted to dye my hair more orange instead of red, it looks weird but

Samia went to the Saloon and got a new cut and hair extensions.

I love watching Samia cook

she was joking about something which made me laugh.

but she did compliment me on my hair though.

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all.

well i have been offered a job so that good news

and we have another rounded tum expanding, another few months and it will be here.

I think Samia is thinking i am neglecting her bit

so a lovely make-out session on the couch is on.

A few days later and Samia woke up in pain

i was at work and miss the whole thing

she was very brave to do it all on her own.

we have a little boy James Austin.

as soon as i got home from work, i fed my son, it was the most happiest feeling i had ever have.

and i don't think it will be long

until James has a little brother or sister.

the doctor has told Samia to rest as much as possible.

we had a visit from an old friend Denene Miller

we invited her for lunch but i couldn't stay.

the sink broke but instead of calling a repairman Samia tried to fix it herself.

I can't believe time flies our little boy is turning one

and Samia is definitely expecting another baby

my son is bald.

but i help with the potty training

and give his first bath has a toddler.

next household is Heselden 1

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