Monday, 7 December 2015



Hi Serena here, this is Kenneth Hart

Just somebody i just met

he seemed like a very nice man

and we did kiss, and why not, your only young once

Mum came home in her helicopter

and straight on the phone to talk about ice cream sundaes

I checked my emails and

caught up with a few friends

mum is a game buff and always seems to be on the game console

I invited another friend over Benjamin Chan

I was telling him about the time i got hit by lightining

but it was hard to hear over mum's helicopter

but that certainly didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves

it was a lovely kiss indeed.

well i did invite him over for a reason didn't i

and he didn't refuse

we also went shopping together too

and i brought some new clothes.

I invited back over the next day and we decided to have party

Our friends and family came along

and even someone in a Llame costume it wasn't a costume party.

but we did the smustle

laughed and joked

and even had a pillow fight

i think Benjamin hit me a little bit too hard here, i was seeing numbers above my head.
And everybody enjoyed the party.

we had a snowfall so i decided to build a snowman

but it took quite awhile

and i couldn't be bothered to finish it.

Dad still loves his swimming, whatever the weather

Mum and Dad are still going strong, and are always off to see a movie together.

Benjamin had stayed the night

and we started off the morning well

i was playing video games with mum and Benjamin decided to dance just in front of us

but i think he got bored after a while.

He even stayed for tea

mum broke the pc there was smoke everywhere

like i said mum is never off that games console unless she is going to work or on a date with dad.

i met another friend i do like people with red hair.

i think his name his Joe something. But it didn't stop me

flirting and chatting him up

and talking about wooden aeroplanes.

i even got his phone number before he left.

Mum and I do like our video games but dad is not that bothered.

Tyler Rippon and his husband Orlando came

for tea and a random stranger.

next household Heselden

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