Wednesday, 9 December 2015



Hi Sarah here, just playing with Lola

sometimes with just don't have time to pay attention to the dogs

now that most of the children have grown we have a lot more spare time

we are still working at the moment, And Adam is doing well at school, but it won't be long until he is off to college

he brought a girl home from school Tracy Graham

he told me he got on well with her

and their had a cuddle and a kiss, but he is still young and doesn't want to get too serious to quickly.

but we have to keep the dogs enterained

there are like my children

we even managed to have a meal together

before Adam disappeared to talk

his friend about dream dating.

Sadly one of our dogs died Lola she was 31

Paul was very upset and so was i 

but we have had for a very long time.

Adam doing well at school and is looking forward to going to College

Even though we still have Molly she still needs to be cleaned

she still likes to sit on the chairs outside.

we decided to have a party some of the family came over

and we danced

and watched a movie

and then it was time for Adam to go to college

we both said out goodbyes.

but we didn't get a goodnight sleep, we had a burglar

but the cop won and arrested him.

We have invited some more people around, Alex Newman and his girlfriend Brittany Parker

Paul does all the cleaning around the house

and invites more people over, He has retired now.

he invited Mark and Emma Newman, and their son.

Paul was telling Emma about Lola and how she was is pet best friend

but then they went on to talk about cooking.

for some unknown reason Tracy Graham, the nice girl Alex dated turns up

Paul was nice to greet her and chat to her about this

and that but i don't think Paul

could get away.

it is weird just two adults and the one dog very quiet

but i think we brought up a children well.

next household is Gast (nee Ruddick)

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