Monday, 7 December 2015



Hi Billie here, i am really pleased

it's a snow day and only a couple of years until i go to college

I found mum and dad fast asleep outside,

i think they woke up a little bit cold.

I tried to teach Lulu how to 

play dead but i think i just

wore her out.

I also met a boy called Christopher Wilkie, we stayed chatting until it got dark

and i got brave and flirted with him

i even said i give him a back rub too.

and we kissed too.

I think i was walking on air but i still had to go to school

but i think Dad wasn't in a very good mood when i came home

he said about the dogs but i wasn't really listening

i wanted Christopher to came over but he said he was busy.

so i washed Otis the dog instead.

I think mum and dad have a great relationship

they always seem so happy

and the dogs are on good terms too.

but they still have to keep their beds clean

and cook too.

i do play with the dogs too.

I think Dad is getting a bit wistful i have been accepted to University

and it wasn't that long until i went

mum's was at work and dad said goodbye, I will miss them.

next household

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