Friday, 1 January 2016



At college we have

Saruki Gast, Adam Ruddick, Joanne Fling and Billie Heselden

Saruki Here, the first year of college was a very quiet one

us four mainly stayed together for the first year

getting to know each other better

and learning things about each other

Like Billie can be a bit cross with some people when their ask about majors.

but Billie and me are still together.

we all passed our first year
Saruki 3.0 B
Adam 4.0 A+
Joanne 2.6 C+
Billie 3.0 B

Hi Billie lets start with a water balloon fight between me

and Saruki, sometimes i didn't even see it coming.

Adam is with Joanne

but some people want to interrupt the affection and talk about toys.

This couch is popular by me and the dormies dancing away to music

Adam and Joanne didn't have much privacy either

but managed to go all the way as she told me.

Saruki 3.3 A+
Adam 3.6 A+
Joanne 2.8 B
Billie 3.6 B+

Hi Joanne here, just telling Adam that i am going to buy a pair of new shoes

we all invested in a hot tub, I was the first one to try out with a random guy

we had the fitness guy came in while we where eating

He managed to miss the girls but the boys were hideous at it and so were their outfits.

Adam doesn't get on really well with many others

but he does get on well with Billie which is a good thing.

I am not sure who that is in the hot tub could be anybody.

and a usual fight between the Llama and the cow.

and now we are seniors.

Saruki 3.5 A+
Adam 3.4 A+
Joanne 3.1 C+
Billie 3.7 B+


Hi Adam here here, i think i am about to get hit with a water balloon.

and the cow gets me with a 

water balloon too.

We are a great group of friends, we can still hang out with each other half's and nobody get's jealous.

even though sometimes we just two couple sharing

a whole building

Joanne loves playing pranks on Saruki

he pulls such funny faces

and he doesn't mind one bit either.

we also invested in a photo booth too

Joanne and I tested it out we

were there till morning.

well that's we have graduated. I hope mine is bigger than that.

Saruki 3.6 A+
Adam 3.2 C+
Joanne 3.0 C+
Billie 3.8 A+.

Next Heselden as the writer has forgotten one.

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