Sunday, 6 December 2015



Hi Chloe here sorry for the pic just trying to get pregnant

i am getting hungrier maybe it worked, Zayn made us breakfast

while i quickly looked on the pc

Zayn's mum and dad still live with us but they do keep themselves a lot

Zayn brought a hot tub

and spend the rest of the day in it

while i slaved away at work

that evening we managed to have a family meal together, it doesn't happen very often.

 i hope Zayn and I will be like his mum and dad totally in love 

when we are elders

they are always showing emotion to each other

It is very sweet.

well today is my wedding 

I had a quick go in the hot tub before i came to the wedding arch

we had a few friends and family that came to watch

it was a beautiful ceremony

and we didn't falter on our vows either

it was so exiting putting our wedding rings on

and sealed with a loving kiss

time for cake

i was very delicate putting the cake into Zayn's mouth he doesn't like to get crumbs over his clothes.

Have you noticed i have changed my dress the other one too tight

we are expecting a baby it was confirmed on the day of the wedding

we wanted to go on honeymoon but i can't really travel, Zayn's suggested going by train.

but we wouldn't have been able to go anyway has the snow was falling.

It won't be long now until the baby is born

my belly is getting bigger everyday

Zayn's parent can't wait to have another grandchild especially that is living with them, i am sure they will be very hands on, as they are both retired now.

I think they are getting a little bit bored of waiting for the baby

Zayn's doing the washing up to past the time

I even gave him a back rub

and a joked to cheer him up

i went downstairs to get a drink and the pain started

I even had an audience 

but after a few hours we had a little baby girl.

we called her Dora. We decided to get Alex Newman to stay with Dora while we

had our honeymoon with Zayn's parents at Three Lakes

here are few pics of our holiday

don't worry we wasn't away for a year. A few months

later it was time for a little one to became a toddler

we even brought her cake

Little Dora will be now a little terror.

Daddy started with the potty training.

next household is Rippon.

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