Wednesday, 9 December 2015



Hi Sammie here, please excuse just have a sneaky snog with Corey Graham but had to say goodbye to him

because i had another visitor coming very soon

Clarence Landchild 

i invited him inside as it was so cold outside

and we had a smooch

and in walked Saruki, not sure if Saruki had even seen me kiss another man before.

but i don't think was too bothered as he had brought a girl home from school Gretchin Philips

I am sure he knows how to charm the ladies

she looks like putty in his hands

but she had to go after a while.

we both drank some soda but we didn't say much

I decided to go for a midnight swim

i wanted to dive off the diving board

but i couldn't do it

i got a little bit scared

and got off instead i went

down the slide head first.


after work i brought home another gentleman, i am forgetting their names now.

but i am sure i will remember one day

even Saruki saw us, i can't hide from anymore about me, that i like alot of men

and why not there so many to choose from.

But the man had gone home before Saruki got home from work.

i fancied buying myself some new clothes so i went

downtown and into Nerissa's clothing store.

when i got back it had been snowing again and Mitch Woolensko, had been dropping off a delivery.

Saruki had brought home a friend too.

well two friend's Jacqueline Bar

i think he flirted with her i am not too sure.

Here is picture of my handsome man.

I invited Mitch back over when he finished his deliveries to watch a movie

but we just kissed

and cuddled on the sofa.

Back to work for me after having a couple day off.

Saruki is doing well in school and won't belong until he goes to college

well he can make himself a tv dinner

and watch the tv easier enough.

but the time flew by and it

time for my little young man to grow into a young adult.

i had already met one of his professors

and made friends doesn't hurt to know them does it.

but it was nice having a nice long bubblebath, without Saruki shouting, or needing something. And i was going on holiday soon as well.

i went to Twiki Island and stayed at rather nice hotel

i had to sign in, I have never had a holiday on my own before

I tasted the local cuisines

and tried a hammock

but i nearly fell off.

and a hot spa.

even the locals were good looking too

they even like to pillow fight too.

and he didn't even mind me tickling him

and we danced too

and flirted

but then it was time to go home.

next household is Gast 2

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