Tuesday, 15 December 2015



Hi Orlando here

i do love to play the piano, it gives me great joy.

and Tyler he is the light in my life.

I wanted to really talk to Tyler but he had his nose in a book

I wanted to talk about children

I am not sure if Tyler is ready yet

but  we discussed the pros and cons on

having children and the discussion

went on into the night.

but we decided to go to bed instead. Tyler did agree in the end to adopt.

I phoned the department that deals with adoption and they will get someone to ring us to arrange a  time to come and see us.

so while we waiting for the phone call i brought home a work colleague

and chatted about mundane things

and even watch a bit of sports too.

I even researched about adopting on the simternet too.

We hadn't heard for a while and Tyler cheered me up

and told me not to worry.

I didn't expect them just to turn up. Professor Marie Steadman has just transferred as a social worker and we are her first case.

She just wanted to chat with me about food

and toys. And she can't see why we should adopt.

we were lucky it wasn't long until we got a phone call saying that have been approved and we should get a child in a couple of days.

Can't believe the night before we have a child coming

we have a burglar luckily we have a burglar alarm

and the police handled it very well.

we ran to the car to greet out newest addition

we have adopt a toddler, a little girl called Kelly

Tyler was enthralled by her

but i think he wore her out

We have lots of learning to do like potty training

she is getting the hang of it.

Here is a lovely picture of Kelly and Tyler. I am glad we made the decision to adopt the best decision of our lives.

next household is Rippon 3

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