Saturday, 12 December 2015



Hi Amy here just chatting on the phone to a friend, the boys are taking turns on the pc.

Peter went and played on the bowling alley

and Parker greeted his dad

they had hamburgers with their dad before they had some cake

to celebrate Jossa turn into a teen

she blew all the candles out

and now my little girl is growing up.

I chatted to Zion before he and the children

went off to work and school i had the day

off, don't worry i done most of the cleaning before i had rest, so quiet now that there is nobody in the house during the day.

that is until every one gets home but it straight to that bowling alley.

Jossa brought home a friend from school

but i think Jossa but have some thinking to do

i think the girl likes Jossa in more different way, I don't think she was offended by it but i think

she will tell me what she is feeling cos life is difficult but she tell me that she likes boys and girls.

but i think her brothers now and then get on her nerves, i think Peter that Jossa is going to drop a bomb on him.

Jossa looks at herself alot and wonders why she is different. I have told to enjoy her life and even she wants to settle with the same sex or opposite it doesn't matter along she is happy.

I do think she is going through her options though

and seems to be looking around

which is good but school comes first.

even the boys are doing well at school

and that bowling alley nobody ever leaves it alone even Zion

enjoys and gets very excited when he gets a strike.

Jossa took the boys out for the evening, so Zion and I could

have some time to ourselves

it went really well we don't get to talk or laugh to much

when the children around and we managed

to have some fun too before they all got home.

Jossa found another lady to chat too

and hold hands

and i think they have a crush on each other

but do they have to stand on the bowling alley when i am playing

i need to beat my husband's score.

I think the twins are getting bored of primary school, they so the work is to easy

but i still think of them as my babies, and Parker still climbs into our bed now and then, as he climbed into the bed

i heard a car outside, as we live in a cul-de-sac not many cars come down this end

so i got up and then the limo cam back again i was waiting

Jossa had sneak out i was mad, but at least the police didn't bring her home.

but know we will three times the trouble

the twins are growing up

first Parker then


the next day it was a flurry of new friends, girls 

and girls

and boys travelling through our house.

but the sibling rivalry was still there.

but my dear husband is growing up too.

i think we had to many candles on the cake

but he was a good sport about it

and my husband is still gorgeous as ever.

next household Newman 2

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