Saturday, 18 July 2015





Hi Aiden here, well Uni was a great place for me

i had date with Valerie Shaw

we gossiped about my neighbours

i fell in love

watched tv with the dormies

did assighnments

and ate and passed freshman year on to the next one


I also met other girls, this is Sandy Fairchild

i love Valerie but i would like to get to know other girls before

i complete commit to one girl

i talk to dad (ben Heselden) on the phone most about football.

and finish all my work too, and i pass sophomore year


this is Marsha Trimble

we hit off

and got to know each other but i am still not sure who is right for me, i am still young, i don't have to decide just yet.

And when i talk to mum (katie heselden) she just talks about the weather.

I also get on well with the dormies too

and have a good chat while playing with the bubble machine

and another round of assignments

and i pass as usual.


Okay i needed to see Valerie again

i am still no sure she is the love of my life

but i have do feelings for her as she is my first love

we did have a little arguement

but we soon made it up

okay, i also tried something else, i rapped freestyle to

see if anybody like it a couple of the dormies

seem to, so it wasn't too bad.

okay last night in my bed as i am going back to the waves tomorrow, as i have graduated and i didn't want a party. See you back there soon.

The Waves will take a break for bit, while i play my megahood. But i will be back soon.

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