Saturday, 4 July 2015



Hi Katie here, we also had to move house again, for some other reason

Billie likes to play alot, i think we were making to much

noise for Ben who had to get up.

Aiden just chatted to his friends on the pc.

I still like to keep myself fit and sometime Ben joins or just watches me

but he doesn't seem to mind me giving him a cuddle after a work out

the children came home from school and the tv breaks

but later on Billie greets her Dad

with a big cuddle

the children have a late tea in their pj's

and Billie says sorry about breaking the tv.

Aiden took a lovely girl on a date to the park

they thoroughly enjoyed themselves

Aiden cooked on the grill for them both

they went on the swings

and had a kiss goodbye

when Aiden was walking to the phone booth he saw a strange site

the whole area shone like the sun

when he got back it was time for Billie to have her 11th birthday

I wonder what she wished for

i am hoping it was something good

and now i will have all the boys after my little girl.

And now it is time for my oldest to grow up into a young man

he said he is ready to start University, i said goodbye

and then said goodbye

I felt a little bit loner now Aiden had left for University so i got

myself a dog this is Lulu.

Billie seems to eat her snacks so carefully and checking each one, she also got a job

in the military and which she is very proud of.

Ben has the day off today, he had nearly finished his meal when i told him he had

wash Lulu

play with Lulu indoor

and out and give her love

he was glad when he could sit in front of the pc and play some games.

Billie and i decided to have a girls day out

Billie wasn't going to just settle for just make-up

first we went shopping for clothes

we both enjoy this activity

and Billie help me choose some clothes too

we even tried out dresses on before

we went and purchased them. Billie wanted to pay for her dress herself out of money that she had earned working

then we went for a meal

and they gave us these lovely booth to sit in

the waitress was very quick and we got a meal very quickly

and she asked we wanted to nothing else, we both said we were fine

When we got back we had a late night snack and Billie thanked me just the two of us having a girly day.

We got another dog  Otis to keep Lulu company when we were all out put he is not properly trained yet

Billie is trying to train him but she does have other things on her mind

Lulu and Otis greeted each other ok but we will have to wait and see if they get on.

Luckily Billie does the cleaning up after Otis but she couldn't wait until later when

she has a date with Sullivan Shankel, they talked about football


and flirting and it seemed to go well

as she got her first kiss

it makes me and Ben feel very old, our youngest getting to

know boys.

and our other child away at University

but i don't think we aged to badly.

Next is Ruddick

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