Wednesday, 8 July 2015



Hi Alex here, just moved into my new house with

my girlfriend Brittany Parker

We also had a visitor from my friend Tyler Rippon

Brittany made us some food

and her and Tyler got acquainted.

and then i told Tyler that he is lucky usually she burns the food

but it was nice to must settle in our own place

just the two of us.

Will it be safe in the garage, asks Brittany she

talking about my new car

and then she goes and tells me she is pregnant , and now we need a family car not a sports's car

Can you believe it i am going to be father.

Since Brittany is having nap i thought i would give the bathroom a clean

and let's play pirates

and pretend i am going under the sea. Hopefully i will be able to teach my son or daughter how to play pirates.

Brittany made us a lovely tea, but is said a silly comment

and she told me she is a fit as a fiddle.

you think i wouldn't

mind see my girlfriend naked would you.

i was watching the weekly football games

and Brittany just stands there

and then suddenly she gives a big almighty shriek

i came running over but i have never seen a woman give birth

birth before, i didn't know what to do.

but we have a lovely daughter called Xander

Brittany managed to finish her food and i watched the end of my football.

Xander meeting her grandma today.

here she is now Emma Newman

we chatted and

and talked i brought

to see Xander and she just watched me play games

and then played them herself, while Xander was playing in her Danglemaster.

a very quiet Sunday morning

Brittany fed Xander

and then she took her to her birthday cake

and i got over excited that our beautiful daughter will be able get around

and this is our girl Xander.

next is Rippon 1.

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