Monday, 29 June 2015



Hi Stuart Rippon here, we have just had to move house the cliff was falling down a bit so we found some a bit further back from it.

We invited a few people around to enjoy our new home

we were all inside when the doorbell rang

wow this living room seems small now there is loads of people in it.

i made my speciality Grilled Cheese

Serena wasn't in the mood to eat she wanted to exercise

Amy was talking to Alex Newman

and i was talking to Samia for a while

then girls went and played rock, paper, scissor i think they are a little bit too old for that though, won't be long until they are off to college

i don't know what Amy said but Alex seems to be having a good go at her.

Both our careers are going great too

it won't be too long until we are at the top

wow loads of people in the living room don't know who they are 

except for wife of course.

Both the girls decided they wanted to get 

jobs too and both got promoted on the same day

Samia love our little swimming pool

and she is a very good diver too.

this is not good both their girls have decided they want to get to know some boys, Serena is saying hello to Jeff Mcclean

and oh my god she already know how to flirt too

and Serena boy is Damien Straight

well they all seem to being getting on ok

just seems to be harmless flirting

and playing pillow fights

and more flirting

and a bit of dancing

on both parts

and hopefully that is a cuddle goodbye.

I heard Amy came in wearing her astronaut

uniform she had been promoted to top of her career

i gave her a big kiss

The girls were still going through the boys like no business

i think this is Jeff Warner with Samia

those girls certainly know how to flirt, when they got off to college i won't be able to keep my eye on them

and i think this is Solomon Almass, wow that is name.

but i think we have brought up the girls pretty well

and they know how to look after themselves.

Also they clean up after themselves too

I couldn't be more prouder than of my two girls

except for dating boys, they don't seem to stop

it seems to be one after

another and i am not remembering all their names either

even Serena doing it to.

this is not good for my health.

Or Amy's has we both had a birthday one after the other we thought we would share the day together 

and get old together

still as pretty as the same day i met her

now it is my time

not the kind of outfit i usually go for, i can soon change the shorts

after the celebrations the twins decided to go to college

one after the other.

next household is Heselden

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