Saturday, 4 July 2015



Hi Sarah here, we have just moved house again. Adam is about to have his 11th birthday, and his worried what will happen to his toys now that he is going to get older, i have assured him that will give them to a charity shop.

Just the immediate family were here to celebrate

Adam's Birthday, we all blew party trumpets

Paul went a bit over the top

and what a good looking young man i still have.

well being a young man the next step is find a girlfriend, this is Adam old school friend Andrea Corrilo

i thought i knew they would have their first

kiss together

but i don't know if it is forever.

Fearne also teased Adam about his first date.

and here come more girls i think this lady is Joanne Fleig

they seem to get on well

and seemed interested in each other.

but we shall wait and see having now raised three children you never know what can happen

We still have the dogs but they are getting older

Fearne likes to cook now and then

but she is making sure that the teenagers keep everything legal.

Fearne got up early one morning and played with Lola

she checked her scholarship which she got a couple

and decided there and then she was ready for university

Paul had already gone to work so, Adam and said our goodbyes

I am doing really with my job

and so is Paul but still has to clean the mess around the pool.

Adam invited Joanna over again and they

spent most of their time either kissing


playing and

giving noogies

and dancing

and they fell in love

Paul was on the phone to one of this friends that they seem to be handcuffed to each other.

well we end this week how we started with not one but two birthdays

the whole family came over and shared us getting older

it seems that Paul got all the attention

and everybody seemed oblivious to mine.

next household is Gast 1 (Samantha Ruddick)

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