Saturday, 18 July 2015





Hi Fearne here, just talking to one of the dormies here

we got on well but i am gay

so nothing will happen

everybody tells me to get all my assignments done as soon as possible so i did.

This is Regina Love

she is my girlfriend and we decided to have a quick weekend up the mountains

we arrived at the camp grounds

we used all the resources there

to maximum effect. It wasn't snowing when we arrived

but when the ground was lightly covered i asked Regina to marry me

and she said


and we celebrated

in the tent

time we got out the snow was covered on the ground

so i made a

snowman and a

snow angel, and then i had to go back to University. I bore you with the rest of the pictures of that year. But i passed. So onto the next year.


I knuckled down harder this year

sometimes i feel tied to University for the next two years.

I am sure they will go pretty fast

i have just to keep myself amused

and work hard.

and occasionally time to sit and think now and then.


The work is getting hard each year

and it take longer to do the assignments but i haven't

forgotten to have fun too

with my fiancee

I think i am getting used to people cook for me all the time,

sometimes i just don't know what to do with myself. But i did passed again this year.


I do try and spend time with the other dormies but we sometimes don't see each other that much

I managed to do some research before i started

my ever last assignment

that one took a toll on me but i did

PASS, so i called the taxi

and back to the waves.

next is Aiden Heselden at University.

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