Wednesday, 8 July 2015



Hi Sammie here, can#t believe my parents are old, but my little boy keeps me young. As you know we had to move for some silly reason. Like the person writing this wanted us in new homes that she had downloaded.

we also had some visitor too

Can't remember their names, oh i think the one is purple is Chandler Platz, and the other gentleman is Orlando Bertino, and i think the girl is Brittany Parker.

Saruki had to tell his friends about new house

and watch the tv.

It is nice to have a bit of quiet sit down.

I made Saruki a cake for his birthday

i had to wait a little while for it too cook, so i grabbed some chips to eat

Saruki came home from school but he wasn't alone

the nanny was with for a while, i think he is telling that he won't need any more as he is getting a big boy

When i came home from work, we sat down for our last meal together as child and adult

as it was time for Saruki


and a very handsome boy

and he eats his cake very quick too.

I had a late start for work and i wanted some company, i didn't want to upset Saruki, know that i had a fella over, this is Corey Graham, an old friend

which we fell in love, i am not really ready for that commitment again.

but a woman still has needs.

And has to earn money.

Saruki brought Andrea Corsillo home with from school

and i think Saruki got the feeling it was more

so he gave her a back rub

and he got his first kiss

i hope he isn't telling all his friends about some things are just kept quiet

like a midnight snack.

I went for a walk one morning and this dog started growling at me

this gentleman told the dog off, his name is Clarence Landchild

i was grateful that he had chased the dog off, i love dogs but that one was a bit aggressive

i gave Clarence a back rub

and he also helped with some gardening

Saruki brought home another classmate Tracy Graham, but i don't think she was that keen on the flirting

so he talked about games

and Actors until he had to go to work

i did try and say goodbye to the girl but all she wanted to talk about was beach balls.

Clarence and i was on the settee in our underwear when Tracy appeared with a teddy bear

we started to cuddle but she still watched

in the end she just walked away, i hope she doesn't say anything to Saruki

in the end we managed to have some fun.

Another morning and quick game of kicky bag with Saruki

before he goes off into town 

he has a date with Andrea and they went to cold issue clothing

they had a giggle

and a dance in the shop how sweet

and even a back rub.

i invited Corey Graham over we had some fun in the swimming pool

we got out eventually and went inside

as it was getting dark

and i had some more fun

on the settee, while Saruki was out on his date.

Everybody seems busy today, so spent most of the time

spending it with Saruki, playing red hands

and he is getting very good at this

he won nearly every time

then a quick game of punch you punch me very lightly.

next household is Gast 2

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