Saturday, 18 July 2015





Samia here, Serena and i have arrived

at University

we have a good look around, and have a pillow fight in the cafeteria area

the first year is just getting to know the place

calling home often which 

we both did

Serena met a bloke called Ray Chan

and they have got on great

they even talk about rats

We have both managed to do our all our assignments for the year and passed too, here's to the next year.


Hi Serena here, i had a date with my Beau in town

this is Ray and this relationship is going

great we try to spend as much time together

as possible

we get on so well that we sometimes finish each other's sentences

It's nearly a year since we have been going out

Even Samia has found someone to date she had a date at the coffee house

There have been dating a while but she has kept it secret for a while

How embarrassing, singing on your knees in the road

but Chandler Platz seemed to love it. Whatever floats your boat

they even managed to get some coffee. We both passed our Sophomore year


Hi Samia here

Yep here i am, Chandler and i have come to Twikki Island

we did the usually beach stuff, sunabthing

making sandcastles together

Chandler can't swim so he paddled

and watched me swimming in the sea

he even watched fire eater too.

I had a surpise for Chandler i asked him to be my husband

and he said yes

It was a wonderful way to finish the holiday

Serena spend most of her time dancing

spending time with Ray

catching up with homework

and she fell in love

when i got back i had to knuckle down and get on with the assignments i had missed.


Hi Serena here

i was the smart one i did all my assignments

before i went away.

Ray and i went to Taemizu Village

we spent most of the time in 

the bedroom if you know what i mean

But we did meet some few other people and i had a meal

in the restaurant. Time flies when your having fun

and it wasn't long before Samia and I 


next Fearne Ruddick at University

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