Wednesday, 8 July 2015



Hi Tyler here, with my boyfriend Orlanda Bertino

we have moved into this lovely house, we saved all through college

and me and Orlando also christened

our new sofas

we had visitors too, Spencer Courdrec and Marsha Bruenig

Spencer asked Orlando a weird question, what is like kissing a man?

we invited to eat with us and said just like an ordinary couple.

Orlando wanted to know when i was going to get off my piano and go into town

as Orlando was not in a good mood i went to town on my own

we wanted to get some new clothes, were are not college kids any more we

adults who both need jobs, i said hello to this lady

and brought home Brittany Parker from town, she was telling me how she had just given birth.

and that she and her girl would be best friends forever

and then made a really rude joke about bottoms and wrong directions.

Orlando was on the phone for long time

we had our embrace in the kitchen

and Orlando made some food

and accidentally set the place alight, the place didn't have a fire alarm installed, and i managed to get to the phone and call the fire station and i went back to the fire

and i went back to the fire

and tried to put it out

the fire department were soon here and help me put it all out. We had to replace a couple of cabinet. It is a good thing nobody got hurt.

We both have been working very hard

Orlando and i haven't had much time together

so we decided just to be a little bit

romantic towards each other

a back rub

and bit of gossiping always gets the juices going

a big kiss and then

onto the couch for some fun.

I have a surprise for me and Orlando

when i told him that we are going on holiday

he jumped into my arms.

the day of our holiday we had to be up early for the coach

we only need on suitcase each

we were picked up by this lovely colourful bus, we went to Takiime village, in the Orient
i will let you have a look at the rest of the photos yourself but there is a few at the end you must see.

we decided to get

married next the hot spa we got engaged in college years ago

and it is the best thing we have ever done.

next Zayn Newman at Univeristy

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