Wednesday, 8 July 2015



Hi Colby here, with our child Jossa, we have also recently moved house to the satisfaction of the narrator.

We also had some visitors not long after we had settled in., Alex Newman in the football kit, Orlando Bertino and Brittany Parker.

After i chatted with the visitors, i started teaching Jossa her talking skills

and Amy helped Jossa with her walking

while Jossa was having a nap, Amy and I managed to sit

and chat, she say the baby is kicking her stomach like a football.

Time for Jossa to be a grown up girl

As you can see the visitors are still here but i have another beautiful child.

Amy got up early one morning, made breakfast and cleaned the counters

we managed sit and have breakfast together before

i had to go out to work, Amy even cleaned the oven.

While i was at work

Amy had familiar pains but didn't have time to get to the phone

and call anybody

before the first baby i was born

yeah this is Parker

and then the second one was born

and this is Peter

I cam home from work

and met a friend outside of the house

and Jossa gave me a cuddle

and helped her with homework, i didn't want to feel left out now that we have the twins

i had a quick snack

and a quick nap on the sofa while the twins played in their Danglemasters.

Jossa saw same roaches and she just didn't like them

but she managed to phone for the exterminator

she didn't do very well with her first report card, but i am sure if she keeps up with her homework it will be just fine.

I told her over an afternoon tea that she is a star in my eyes, and is doing very well.

and it only seems like yesterday that the twins were born now were going to be in trouble has

they will become

toddlers this is Parker

and now it is time for Peter to grow 

into a toddler.

Amy likes to keep the place very clean, she is a bit of cleaning fanatic

she is also helping the twins to talk, one is either eating

or playing with their toys.

Jossa came in and showed Amy her A+ report card, she got distracted

and a fire started lucky for us the house already a fire alarm installed which went straight to the fire station

and somebody was there and put the fire out very quickly lucky nobody was hurt.

i came home from my new job and i gave

a bath to the toddlers while their mother

slept soundly. The toddlers like to have baths separate as their make too much mess.

Amy is still teaching toddler skills to the twins

and i have a day off today i am helping too.

while the toddler are at the activity table

we nearly all sit and have some tea.

i do my part of the chores too, and i do let Amy have a rest too

Well we have another celebration today

it is time for the toddler to be children

here is Parker and Peter

Parker has the short hair and Peter has the long hair.

we managed to have some time alone

but Jossa came in while we having fun, i think we are going to tell her about the birds and bees.

The children are letting us have a lie-in Jossa and Parker are playing with their toys

and Peter joins them too.

both the boys ask if can read to them Parker first

then Peter

then they go outside and play

it is a bit cold but the children have ways of keeping themselves warm

running around and playing bowling

and giving each other cuddles.

Next time Alex Newman and Brittany Parker their first week together.

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