Saturday, 11 July 2015





Hi Zayn here, can't belive i am seeing my sister urn, well i am staying at the same university dorm. I will take this urn when i graduate and pass it on to mum and dad.

I started talking to this girl Alicia Dolton, how well it is not to be a grown up

i felt a slight attraction to her

and we flirted

and we kissed and 

and then she went away.

I got a telehpone called from Chloe Gonzargo, telling me she

had gone off for her holidays and would be coming to the dorm very soon

I have know Chloe since we were children and we have already have feelings for her

Chloe soon settled in

and did her term report

and met some of the dormies

but this one tried it on and she wasn't interested

i gave her a soothing back rub

and we sat and watch tv, she told me about flying in aeroplane

we made out on the couch

and then i have known for a long time my true feelings other girls didn't matter

Chloe is the one for me and so i asked her to marry me and she

said yes.


I told Alicia that is was all over and she didn't understand what had happened

it didn't end up that well.

Chloe and I got down to studying and doing our main term paper side by side

and when finished i gave her a big kiss

i even said i would take to see the theatre one day.

and we started sharing a bed too.

Some of the dormies have no respect running

around naked in peoples room's

But Chloe and I super happy.


we just can't seem to keep our hands off each other

she is so pretty and enchanting

i just to love to sweep her off her feet.

we were a bit naughty and did a deed in one of the common rooms

we don't spend every minute together sometime you just have to spend some time apart

Alicia still follows me around now and them but i just ignore her.

Chloe is making lots of friends too

she is a bit of a chatterbox and 

will talk to anyone and even dance with perfect strangers


Ok it wasn't just the one time it was two

but the piano got fixed and there is nothing else wrong with it

Chloe and did our last papers and that's it we graduated

me first and

and then Chloe



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