Thursday, 5 March 2015



Hi Emma here just having breakfast

then washing as you see we have moved house the other one was getting a little bit crowded

we also had some welcome neighbours Mr Wright and Miss Keagan

i didn't chat for long as i had labour pains

one the landing

we had another beautiful baby boy called Zayn

mark was downstairs by the postbox for some reason

then everybody realised i had a baby and came to see me and the baby

Alex hadn't been taught how to do his homework, so he he asked Mark

i chatted with Tamzin at tea

i joined Mark to watch the football i am not that keen but just to chat.

Alex brought home a few friends, Bryony Wright and one of the Keagan children

and Brittany  Parker i think this one

keeps his attention

she was lovely to talk to and knew lots of about everything

Tamzin always meets her daddy after work and gives him a big cuddle

she also asks him to help with her homework

the baby is still growing

and likes lot of cuddles

and play time

but i try not to forget my other half too.

Alex quickly checked something on the pc before school

he and mark both leave at the same time

and come home at the same time

Mark even brought a colleague home called Christy Inada

it was a special day today Zayn Birthday

we all watched him age into a toddler

and he looks rather handsome too. And Aledx decided to move to college too

Tamzin came home with

an A report Card she couldn't wait to show her daddy and she brought home Orlando Bertino
but her daddy was at work, I was on the phone hoping it wasn't going to rain

it wasn't long before he came home and she gave him a big cuddle

Well you got me in my pj reading a book i just got to a interesting part with you in minutes

luckily is getting were i don't have to eyes in the back of my head

It was Zayn birthday today

he even helped blow out the candles

wow all grown up, now Tamzin as somewhere her size to play with for a little while

but she till plays on her own now and then

Mark was checking his teeth and

his hair in the mirror, he is handsome to me

then we went to bed

Mark made them a new toy

Tamzin loved it but she wouldn't be able to use for long

i had a quick swim

then a cuddle with Mark

and a chat about games

we all managed to sit for a breakfast for a change

Zayn went on the pc after school

and it wasn't long before it was time for Tamzin to

grow up into

into a gorgeous teen

the first thing she did was go on the pc and tell her mates that she has reached teenagers years watch out boys.

we had a lovely lazy sunday we both didn't have to work mark enjoyed playing and tickling with


the children enjoyed swimming in the pool

and Mark watched while he built some new toys

he is a closer look of what he is building, nope don't know what it is

we also had the headmaster of the local Private School came and visit

we were nearly all there for tea, but both the children got in

next Alex Newman at college

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