Wednesday, 11 March 2015



Hi Ben here with my family we have just moved house

it was a very quiet day until

Aiden came home from school

i read him a story

then let him watch telly why

i prepared him a meal

completely forgot it was Billie birthday

and turned into a toddler

Katie and I both had to work so we hired a nanny

she was very good with Billie

We had to buy a toddler bed cos he has learn't to get out of the cot now

it is always lovely when your child greets you when you came home from work with a cuddle

I looked after Billie, and taught him some basic toddler skills

Aiden ask an awkward question to his mum at tea tonite, he ask what is woohoo

it is something that two adult people who love each do.

Katie also tried to get Billy to talk

and we also managed a game of chess before we both had to go to work

Our nanny is very good

there nothing quite like a bit of early morning excercise

as well as keeping things clean and tidy

Katie just telling her friend about the cake with have brought for Billie

Aiden played on the pc for a little while

before Billie blew out the candles on the birthday cake

wow all grown up

Aiden helped clear up the dishes

Katie and i also managed to go to bed at the same time for a change.

as both Katie and I had the day off we decided to take the kids to Hunter Park

the kids love it

we did all sorts of things

like fishing

the kids went on the swings

we even had barbecued hot dogs

even Katie played swing around with Billie

Aiden asked to go off and play on his own, which i let him do as he is going to be a teenager soon

and Billie went to play chess i wasn't too far away

we even went to a cafe later that day too called the 123 cafe

but for some reason they didn't put us at the same table

but the kids went off and played with the other kids

the next day we all need  just relax at home

the kids played with each other

it wasn't that long until it was Aiden birthday

he turned into a very handsome teen 


the next household is Ruddick 1

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