Wednesday, 11 March 2015



Hi Amy Rippon here just greeting a few people. this is Michael Wright

and this is Tamzin Newman

Samuel came home from school

and Samia, and she has come home with an A report card

Samuel had brought home a friend called Ferne Ruddick

i made some tea for everybody but only Tamzin sat down to eat it

Stuart came from work with Paul Ruddick

Samuel rushed out to meet him

we decided to get a piano, it was more stuart idea than mine

but we didn't argue that much over it

I decided to give it a go

Tyler got a job in the Military Career

Samia had brought home a Zayn Heselden from her school

Tyler invited a few of the teenager over for tea, Tamzin Heselden, and Byrony Wright 

Tyler has told us that he is gay and more interested in guys than girls

Samuel always likes to greet his dad when he comes home but it won't be for long

and his dad won't be able dance with him on feet

it time for the twins to turn into teenagers

a few people came to watch

they both grew very handsome and pretty

we also found out that Samia likes girls

and Samuel also likes girls but is very shy around them

Tyler decided it was time to go to college

the twins waved goodbye

and so did i it was hard to see my oldest goes off to college

but life still goes on Samia seems to have found a mate maybe

Stuart and I still find time for ourselves now they children have grown up.

Stuart got a promotion and Samia was giving her girlfriend a back rub

they also had

their first kiss

to celebrate Stuarts promotion we had a party, we invited quite a few guests

from around the neighbourhood

i think everybody

had a great time

even Tyler came back from college to say hello.

next household is Heselden

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