Monday, 16 March 2015



Hi Sammie here with my toddler just try to train to her potty train

but sometimes manages to get to the toilet in the bathrooom

we at the end of the day we managed to learn how to potty train.

the next day didn't start off right i had a fire luckily

i have a fire alarm install and the fire service put it very quickly

today's toddler skill is learning to walk

and learning to talk

and bath time

time for the toddler to be a child

and a very pretty one too

after suki had gone to bed i had a date with Kampo Walton

it was very nice and we did end up

in bed together

but it has been a few years.

I went to work and Suki went to school

and we both came home at

the same time

we invited the headmaster from the private school

and i entertained him at dinner

and then we had coffee and Suki got into private school.

While Suki was at school i invited Kampo Walton over again

we flirted

and something to eat

and had fun on the sofa before Suki came 

from school

she played on the pc for a while then

asked me to help with her homework before bedtime.

i had to hire  a nanny but Suki brought home a play date from school

and the nanny kept her eye on them for a while

she even asked if they wanted a fry up for tea

Suki told Billie Heselden i  believe that i worked in a office

I also had another date with Kampo Walton

this was our last date has

he was moving to another country

for his job.

next household will be Gast 2

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