Sunday, 22 March 2015



Hi Colby here, just moved into a new place with Amy

the other place was a little bit to small

we had a visitor Katie Heselden

she talked about the time she went skiing

it was a nice time.

we have also found out that Amy is pregnant

and she seems to be hungry most of the time

sometimes she gets distracted

and we had a fire wish

wasn't too bad as we had a fire alarm fitted

it tasted awful but i still ate it not to hurt Amy's feelings.

today is going to be a very quiet day i can feel it

Amy got earlier than and i and belly came even more rounded

i helped out with the cleaning

i even said hello to a walk-by Rose Dai

and Amy sat and read.

it wasn't long before the contractions started

she sounded like she was in a lot of pain

but i had another girl Jossa

Amy wanted to go back to work as soon as possible so she hired a nanny

she was very good with Jossa

i invited my friend Rose Dai back over

I love it when their look deep into your eyes and it moves your soul

it's fun being dad again hopefully this time i will get to see this one grow up.

the days goes fast when you have a baby it wasn't long until

Jossa became a toddler

and the toddler skills are trying to be learnt

like potty training

which Colby mastered with Jossa

but he does have fun

he also tried to get Jossa to talk too

i wasn't feeling too good

Colby kept in touch with his other child by emailing hopefully he will get to them soon

i have found out why i was not feeling well we are expecting again

i hope Jossa gets on well with the new baby.

next household is Alex Newman at college

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