Sunday, 21 December 2014



Hi Colby Gast here, just settling into my new home

learning some new skills

just contemplating life

and going to work

and earn money

Samantha Ruddick was (ex wife cheated on her) coming over and knocking my bins over al all times of day

i was regularly picking it up and putting the rubbish back in

i spent the first half of the week being on my own, cooking for myself

learning skills

and taking money from the money tree

i sat outside my house one day and realised i don't have to be on my own, yes i cheated but i do need to get on with my life again so i called the person who knew me best

Amy Jakobson, my best friend and my

new love, but i knew in my heart i had made the right choice this

so i asked Amy to marry me

and she said yes

we celebrated in style

i asked her to move in with me

and then we got married just me and her

I was just sitting eating my cereal in the chair (no room for dining table)

and she comes and joins me and

i tell her i will love her forever

Amy was outside the house

and met a fellow whose name is Jonathan Jitmakasoui

they hung out for a little while she even told him she was married so that he wouldn't get the wrong idea about her

amy was just watching a film

and have to give her a tickle

which led to other things

Amy likes to site in the chair and just think

i had to brush up on my fitness, the treadmill just makes me fall

but i went off to work the next day.

next household is Newman week 3

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