Thursday, 12 March 2015


Hi Sarah here, we have just moved into a new house

i think the children and the dogs approve

we wanted to get the kids into private school and Adam was good enough to greet him and

and talk to him at the dinner table

the next day the children got ready to got to private school and when they came home

it was time for Adam to be a teenager

he wants to romance and please 20 sims with whoo hoo

and know the dating starts

Fearne was off playing pirates in the bathroom

i can't remember all the girls names

but i think on one day

he dated three different girls

I do hope he is careful

otherwise he will end up on his own.

and the next day carried on the same with  Adam

how he does it i never know

and straight into bed

the dogs get messy nearly everyday

Adam also can mend computers at least he got him away from girls for a awhile

Fearne growing big she asked her dad if he will take her to the movies

Paul is trying to train the dogs but it is hard work

and they have to have a bath nearly everyday

at someone is at it again

but none stay overnight, and Lola kept Adam company

Lola gets lots of attention off Fearne

Adam is still dating the ladies

i have stopped asking their names

and they all end up in the same place

he doesn't matter what hair colour shape or amything

as long as he can get them into bed

that is all that matters to him

i did ask Paul to have word with him, but he has just brought a hammock and try to get used to it

it was time for another teenager in the house, i hope she doesn't end up like her brother

she blew out the candles

and turned into a beautiful girl

Paul managed to work out the hammock and stay one

and i managed to have cake with the two teenagers,

another day and another date

the girls are all blending into one

and they all end up in the same place

i was getting worried about it all

and said if you can't do anything just enjoy life

and now Fearne is on the romance look out

but i did talk to Paul about and he said he would try to have a word before he goes off to college

next household is Gast (nee ruddick 2)

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