Saturday, 13 December 2014



Hi Katie here, just cleaning up the rubbish

i looked out the window it has been snowing, Aden was playing on activity table and wasn't interested in the snow at all

We had some visitors visit us i was talking to Paul Ruddick

and Ben had brought home Ray Player from work

don't worry we are being robbed this is just my work outfit, and Sarah Ruddick was helping with the dishes.

it was Aden birthday this week and Ben and I have to work, were discussing how quickly they grow up and he will be going to school the next day. So we missed his birthday

The nanny stayed with him

he didn't have any cake next time i am sure i will have cake for him

he grew up to lovely child

Aden managed to spend time with Ben before he went to school

a strange lady left a shiny lamp on our porch

Aden come home from school and he wasn't happy with his grades

we had invited the Private School Headmaster over and turned up while i putting the rubbish out

he did enjoy his tea and Aden was allowed to go to private school

Ben and i are trying for another baby

i was pretty sick in the toilet and Ben cleaned it up for me

i collected some money from the money tree

Aden grades are getting better

he brought home Samia Rippon one of our neighbours children

as you can i am pregnant and i also helped Aden with his homework

Ben was looking out of the window, the ground was covered in snow he was wondering if it will be still there in the morning.

my pregnancy is going well

Aden has got A's

he also brought home another friend from school Solveig Gast (no relation to other Gast in the neighbourhood)

i just had to swoon at Ben with the thinking cap on he is wonderful

Aden is a good boy he always make his bed first thing

I am about to have my second baby, and Aden is watching i hope this doesn't upset him too much at least if one day he is married he will know what childbirth looks like

we had another baby boy he is called Billy

Ben showed him off to Aden, and i went straight off to work

we brought Aden some playground equipment

he really enjoyed himself

billy has soiled himself and got upset about too

Ben was trying to learn new skills and  Aden was wondering what he was wearing on his head

we both had sunday off and it was nice to spend so time with the children

I also managed a  little dance with Aden

Aden rubbed the lamp the strange lady had left and a genie appeared and Aden asked for a longer life and he erased Aden life just back to the beginning of his childhood.

next household is Ruddick

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