Saturday, 29 November 2014



Hi Stuart, we had to move into a new house they other one got to small and as we have twins we needed the extra space

time for the toddler training, first the potty


and playing

we didn't ignore Tyler we managed to have dinner with him.
The day went by so far luckily i had the day off work to help Amy

we also managed to tag team talking at the same time

we done talking, walking and potty training in a couple of days

but we still need to keep the place clean

Tyler loves going to school but his fun level drops so much

he likes to watch a movie when he comes home

Amy and I still try and have out time even though there is so much going on at the moment when the toddler get to children hopefully we shall have more time to together

and it never stops.

Tyler was asking Amy if  the twins wanted a necklace for their birthday

i love it when my first born and gives me a cuddle, i am sure he will stop this soon

It is time for the twins birthdays they both still look a lot like

this is Samia because Samuel is at the back

Samuel is asking Amy if they can get a goldfish.

this a lovely picture of Samia

everybody comes homes from school Samuel

and Tyler

they go and quickly play on the activity table and they also bring

this is Solvig Gast

and Samia

she brought home Adam Ruddick

tag team homework time

and then time for Tyler to have his birthday

he jumps at the cake

blows out the candles

and Samuel Jumps up really high

Tyler is a popularity sim and wants to be a General.

it has been such a busy week they we have decided to have a long weekend away and we went to Twikki Beach here are a few pictures. Please enjoy yourself

it was really wonderful to get away again.

the next household is the Heselden's

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