Wednesday, 17 December 2014



Hi Sammie here i have just asked my boyfriend to move in

with me Colby Gast, he also brought his friend Amy Jakobson which i though was weird

i am so in love with him that i asked

Colby to get engaged, he said yes

we had a couple of visitors Ben Heselden and Michelle Keegan

Colby was very attentive

and we had a meal together, the next day

we got married only mum and dad came, i didn;t want anybody else

and colby doesn't have any family

but it was still a lovely


we had some cake

and i stuffed in Colby's face but he didn't mind

i think i ate too much cake

mum and colby got on great

she even watched us kiss

Colby cleared up the kitchen i headed off to work

it was good performance as i got promoted

Colby was brushing up on his skill

and i am pregnant

i invited a friend Craig Wheeler over, i gave him a big hug

he is thinking of going on holiday somewhere where there is lots of sunshine

working on his skills helped Colby get a promotion

he likes to talk to people he doesn't know this lady his Rose Dai

something terrible has happened Colby went on date with Amy Jakobson

he held his hands he from of me

having an affair and right under my nose and being pregnant

i told him to get out

all these commotion made labour come early and she was

still here, i had a baby girl and i called her Suki

i had to get back into shape

i looked after Suki the best i could

but i had to go back to work so i had to hire a nanny

she was very good

and made sure was asleep in her cot

i always made sure i gave her cuddle when i got home

I needed some Adult company so i asked a couple of friend to come over

Brandon Lilliard and Lilly Do

we had a good chat then i had to go off to work

i completely forgot about Suzi turning into a toddler

but the nanny did a very good job

i came home very tired from work it has been a emotional roller-coaster week

next is Gast 1

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