Saturday, 13 December 2014



Hi Sarah here, wow what a dream that certainly woke me up

Adam is playing nicely on his activity table

I am pregnant again

Adam likes to play with the dogs

and they let him the dogs are so good too

Adam loves his activity table

not long to go until their is another baby in the house

time for Adam birthday

and straight back to his activity table

oh oh oh time for new


we have had a little girl we have called her Ferne

Adam like to look after the dogs he likes to clean their beds

Paul and I get on really quite well but today something just seemed to snap

but he seemed ok about it and gave me back rub

after school one day Adam asked me to help him with his homework

Paul looked after Ferne while i help Adam

It won't be long until Adam stops this giving his dad a cuddle when has finished work

we called the Private Headmaster over Adam showed him around

while i took care of Ferne

we only gave him spaghetti for tea but he loved in and Adam got into private school

Adam brought home Tamzin Newman, one of the neighbours kids.

where did the time go it is time for Ferne to be a toddler

wow isn't she up high

i have lovely children, but where is hair

now it is time for potty training

Paul managed to get her potty trained

Adam is still looking after the dogs for us

Paul went in town to a place called Papya Regime their sell clothes,
i think paul was more interested in the puddle

and the bugs then going shopping

he eventually did buy some clothes

the assistant was very helpful

Adam has passed on his activity table to his sister but likes to make sure she is playing right

we brought Ferne a toddler bed and she has already learnt to climb out of it

the dogs get dirty very quickly, Adam can't wash them in the bath yet i am sure one day he will

Ferne wanted my attention but i needed to finish washing the dogs

so she went off to find her daddy and he gave her a big hug

wow another birthday already

Ferne is now a child

and Paul came home with a promotion and Stuart Rippon

next time  Samantha Ruddick in her hew house

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