Friday, 1 January 2016



Aiden here, just proposing to Valerie

luckily she 

said yes i was on my knees for

a while there.

but she certainly had her way

on the couch.

Don't worry we are not in trouble the Police Officer

is just dropping off our new dog Benny.

It wasn't long until a wedding day but it was just us

we did send out invites but nobody came

but it didn't matter i was marry

my soul mate the woman i love


Oops i hope it wasn't something that we ate.

No, we have it confirmed we are expecting

I had tell everybody the good news, and not we are not having a football team

but there was so many to call it took most of the night

eventually i managed to sit down with Valerie and saying she went be able to wear high shoes has her feet will swell.

Valerie went on maternity leave,

but i think she got bored very easily

and even the Benny the dog got paid a lot of attention.

Valerie is getting bigger every couple of months.

sometimes she gets restless in bed and i came to play on the pc

and get up and got back to bed

so Valerie can go on the pc.

But a few months later

and Valerie water broke in the bathroom

she was in a lot of pain but there was nothing i can do

and we had a baby boy John Edward Heselden

Valerie was over the moon to have her baby and me too

I didn't know small babies left such a mess everywhere.

But we take in turns of changing the nappies and feeding John too.

I also make sure Benny the dog doesn't feel left out.

It didn't seem that long ago John was born and 

now he is having his first 


We told our friends and family  but not many come and visit us

but John was very interested in Benny the dog.

This just to show how much Benny the dog changed

when he grew up to big not quite so little puppy any more.

Benny still loves John which is good

Benny still get attention from all of us

but he does get quite smelly after a while.

I only wanted a wee.

Next population thread, and the end of the round

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