Sunday, 28 June 2015



Hi Mark here, we had to move house due to subsidence again. Sorry but you missed Zayn growing into a teenager

i do hope he isn't like Tamzin who just like to look at herself in the mirror

they are both in private school

we had some visitors so we prepared meal

the children had got home from school by now too. Sandy Bruty and Spencer Croudec

and Tamzin was kind enough to tidy up afterwards

then on the phone to her friends.

Zayn is liking the girls, we have so many coming over that i forgot their names

Emma is doing really well in her career too

and she told me this really great joke about a sheep

when we had some food Aiden Heselden and his friend talked about growing up and going to college. Tamzin will be going soon.

she is just apply to see what scholarships she got

and off she goes.

We always seem to cooking one way or another at least

Zayn cleans up after me, it is very quiet without Tamzin here too

I invited a friend over too Goopy Gilscarbo

he just wanted us to talk about the weather

Our son Alex came over.

and he had to tell us some very sad new. I thought he was going to tell us that he was going to have a baby.

i was so shocked

Tamzin was playing the piano at college

and they don't know how but she got electrocuted

and they was nobody around to save her

and sadly she died

and has gone up to heaven

Emma and i were shocked and talked about it, how she was a great student

and all her good friends will miss her.

Zayn checked his scholarsip and we went to college while we asleep as he didn't want us to worry or that we would try and stop him going.

It is very quiet without Zayn now but it is now to spend time on our own

except when your friends just come into your house without knocking

but i made some food

and Sandy talked about reaching the top of police force

Emma stares at a picture of all her children.

we invited Zayne and his girlfriend Chloe over to do some celebrating

Emma and I share a birthday so we grow old


wow don't we look smart but i don't think my cap goes with my suit.

next household is Rippon

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