Tuesday, 25 November 2014



Hi Alex here this is what happened this week it was my birthday and i am a teenager

i blow out my candles

and i chose Pleasure and would like 50 dream dates in my lifetime

i think i better get started on these dates, i met a lovely lady and her name completely escapes me

but we did have a dream date

mum and dad got busy in the bedroom

Dad worked on building his fitness up

mum fed Tamzin

then it was time for Tamzin to turn into a toddler

she has dark hair

mum started to teach her talk straightaway

i like Tamzin and i played with her

through her right up in the air

and down again

we had a flurry of snow but no snow day for us teenagers

I like having a kid sister mum love looking at her

Dad also helps out

i met another girl i can't remember names

but she did give

my first kiss

mum is pregnant again

along as they are happy that is what matters along as they don't go polluting the air

another birthday this week this one is for Tamzin

she is turning into a child, that means in out of my room but we have to share now so it is our room

it won't be long until she turn into a teen like me but i think i am off to college soon

see mum did pollute the air,  See you next time

next household is Rippon's 

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